Fitness vs. Fatness: New Jersey Part 1

Oh Jersey. Oh Jersey, Jersey, Jersey. I didn’t have the highest of
hopes for you last night. Sometimes, a week worth of 3 hours commutes takes its
toll and I begin to doubt that I’m up for a 3-4 hours drive back to
Jersey on a Friday; however, I sometimes agree to come back to help
out, and I’ll be damned if I back out of it. Still, It doesn’t help that
I get up around 5 on Friday’s to go into work early. Sprinkle some insomnia in from Thursday night with the fact that I’d be making the drive without my two miniature travel companions, and things
were looking dismal.

But Jersey…dear, sweet Jersey. Before I go any further, I should
insert a disclaimer. I love my home state a whole lot. People like to
dump on it and I don’t take it well. I always liked it, but going out
of state for college and work has only increased its siren-like call,
constantly beckoning me back. I tend to enjoy things more when I’m
here, I become enter a semi-euphoric state, and stress drains out of me in pools.
Therefore, please expect to hear about the state a lot. Now, back to

I figured today was going to be a traffic-filled  wash. Leave it to Jersey
to bring things back around. While driving back, I began to feel
guilty about my recent laziness. I haven’t been running as much as I
used to and I didn’t feel great about it. Unfortunately, it was
absurdly hot and humid and I’d been low on energy all day. Then I got
back to my hometown and the air became sweeter. The temperature
dropped by about 15 degrees. I felt alive again.

I decided to take a detour before going back to my house. I pulled
into Double Trouble, my all time favorite running haunt, changed into
running clothes in my car, and took off. The bugs were pretty awful
today actually, but it was so damn nice that I couldn’t help but get a
big, stupid grin. After a nice little jog, I took a dive into Cedar
Creek, threw a towel on my seat, and went home.

Not a bad way to start the weekend.

It’s pretty good that I decided to run too, because dinner was
delicious and I didn’t hold back. My stepdad Jim has a knack for
simple, amazing dinners with fantastic Jersey grown ingredients.
Steaks with corn and grilled squash, onions and eggplant; Egg noodles
with locally grown brussel sprouts; plenty of other delicious things. Today’s
was garlic toast, sliced provolone, spicy sliced ham, fresh tomato,
asparagus tossed with garlic, and fresh basil.

Also not a bad way to start the weekend.

All in all, not a terribly unhealthy meal, but nothing is too healthy
in bulk. Oh well, I’ve come to expect some splurges when I’m back in
NJ. Everything takes me back to a tastier place and I’m afraid I’d be
missing out on the experience if I was nitpicking. Here’s to health.

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