Fitness vs. Fatness: New Jersey Part 2

It’s interesting how we come to associate certain activities, foods, and senses (read:music and smells) with places. As I mentioned earlier, I’m back in NJ this weekend and no matter how many times I come back, I can never resist going back to a few specific things when I come home.

First, I always feel like I need to go for a run. I ran for years and years in Double Trouble, learning new paths, fusing them, and perfecting the combination for whatever mileage I was in the mood to do. Since I’m home so infrequently now, I feel like I’m insulting my memories if I don’t hit it up for at least one run each time. In case you’re bored and in NJ, check out my favorite route here: Double Trouble Run

Next, a summer morning will never be complete without one of the following: Pancakes or french toast from my mom or a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a poppy from Oh What A Bagel. With my mom gone this weekend, my options were pared down. Of course, it’s not like I minded. Pork roll is notoriously hard to find outside of the Garden State and as far as breakfast meats go, it’s definitely my favorite.

The best part of waking up.

If it’s the summer, dinner is never complete without something grilled. Steaks, veggies, burgers, hot dogs…it’s all good in my book. I can, and always do, pound an obscene amount of Jersey corn when I’m here as well. Since I’m just cooking for me and my sister tonight, I decided to stick to the some basic burgers and corn (protip: for awesome corn, boil water, add a splash of milk, add corn and remove from heat until tender). Again, not complaining.

I also made a massive batch of my mom’s lemon iced tea, the greatest summer beverage in the world (sorry, not much of a drinker here).

I'll drink the hell out of this though.

On a side note, when I fired up the grill for the burgers, I had a bit of deja vu. I can still vividly remember the first burger I ever cooked. It was the summer after my freshman year of high school and I was chilling at home playing some Morrowind. My brother stopped in to see if I was hungry, which I always am, and we scoured the house for some grub. Our search yielded a few frozen patties, Thomas’s bagels, a slice of cheese, and some House of Blues hot sauce. Not too fancy, but without a license, a car, or a job, times were tough.

It was half raining, half misting at the time (just like it is now), but we grilled the burgers outside (as I am now), and I retired to my room with the burger and some tea. As someone who loves the rain, I pulled up my blinds, opened my windows, and listened to the rain while I ate the burger. Then I continued playing Morrowind, in which it was also raining, and marveled at how awesome my day was. It’s seriously bizarre how some moments in life stand out so incredibly clear, while more important and practical things evade our conscious. I also really, really want to play Morrowind now, but I’m afraid that I won’t go to sleep at all tonight if I do.

Then again, it would be totally worth it.

Anyway, my mom’s coworker has a birthday on Monday, so Jesse and I baked a carrot cake for her to take in. I siphoned off some of the batter before baking to make a few cupcakes for us too.

I’d better hit up Double Trouble again on my way back to Maryland.

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