Musings: IDK

I really would like to write something profound today. It’s a Friday…aren’t those the days when your mind is supposed to be raging with opportunity? Alas, mine is not. I’m feeling mighty unmotivated and can’t think of what to say.

I had really been hankering to discuss living alone, but I feel that if I were to write it now, it would be lackluster and uninspired. Also not a prime time for it, since I’ll be spending the weekend around people.

My boss comes back next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Thus marks the end of my unbridled freedom at work; no more leaving at 3:30 everyday just because I can. No more blogging at work. It’s unfortunate really…I do the same amount of work whether he’s here or not. When he’s here, I just need to pretend I’m doing work the whole time.

After work today, I’m going home to pack a bag and then heading downtown to catch the train to College Park. With the (now) rare access to a car and the suburbs, I hope to pick up a few of the last things that I need for my apartment. Not too much, mind you, because I am dangerously low on money at this point and won’t be paid until a week from Monday. On Saturday, the three best friends are going to take a trip to the beach to chill and eat crabs.

Although I generally dissaprove of non-Jersey beaches.

That’s about all that’s going on right now. No profound articles about life or things that I enjoy. No big adventures. I’ve got to call my apartment agency today to insist (AGAIN) that they come and fix my living room light/fan that they were supposed to fix a week ago. I’m not looking forward to that.

I suppose you could say that I'm not a FAN of having to make the call.

Good day.

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