Musings: The one where everybody loses respect for me

People always seem to be surprised to find out how much of a nerd I am. I’m not exactly sure why either. Perhaps it’s because I’m active, have friends, eat decently, and love the outdoors. I personally like to think that it’s because of my rugged good looks and roguish charm, but no one asked me. Either way, there usually comes a point when I’m talking with a new acquaintance (or sometimes an old one) when they say something along the lines of “I didn’t know you were that nerdy”, and never in a good way. There’s not much I can say either, because I know I am. In order to avoid this awkward moment in the future, where I see a little bit of respect choking to death in the back of someone’s eyes, I’ll lay it all out now.

Prepare to see me differently.

On any given night, I would MUCH rather chill at home and play video games than go out to the bars. My junior year of college, I played Pokemon for 12 hours straight one day. Then I battled my roommate. I’ve owned every console from the last 4 generations of consoles, excluding the Gamecube, but definitely including the Dreamcast. During the summer of 2008, I built an arcade unit from scratch with my grandfather. My heart rate actually quickens when I think about building my new computer this fall. I’m in a clan. Hell, I’ve been in the same clan for the past 8 years. It even has a ridiculously overdone theme. Don’t believe me? Check it out: it’s called the Insane Army. I don’t care either; the people are cool and I’ve made some money from tournaments, so suck it.

Yeah, the ladies love it.

To my credit, I’ve never played World of Warcraft, the definitive game of the nerds. No, I played Lord of the Rings Online instead, because I’ve read the entire series and thought it would be more immersive. Dammit. There’s really no winning this one.

But seriously, it's the Shire. What's not to like?

I’m also an avid Harry Potter fan, but that one might not make things any worse. I’d say about 50% of the people in my age group grew up reading the series and another 25% claim to have “just read the first few” when they were young. That group has definitely read them all, but doesn’t want to admit it. On the other hand, I’ve made t-shirts for most of the movie premiers and handcrafted two wands one summer (the same summer as the arcade actually), so maybe this one does make things worse.

Anyway, it’s nice to get this all out. I’m proud of my inner nerd. Unashamedly proud. I think it adds character. Besides, as a competitive person, does it get any better than being able to pwn a friend in a FPS, beat them at Harry Potter trivia, prepare superior woodwork, and then outrun them? Probably, but not for this guy.