Musings: Sandwich Dreams and Brisk Mornings

This is going to be a quick one. In fact, there’s not much to write after that title. In a very, very sad tribute to what my mind apparently dwells on, I woke up at 4 AM dreaming about a sandwich. I can’t remember exactly what went on the sandwich, but the dream consisted solely of me preparing it, getting ready to eat it, and then waking up. Imagine my disappointment when I remembered how crappy my actual lunch was going to be.

Once I woke up for real, I was met with a very nice morning. If you haven’t been outside yet, you are a bum, but you should run outside immediately. Some of the perfect morning may still be lingering. It was sunny and a perfect balance of warm and brisk. Anytime I can wear shorts and a hoodie comfortably, I’m happy. It’s the type of morning I associate with getting up early in the summer, grabbing some breakfast, and making it to the beach just in time for things to start warming up.

God, I’ve got to get back to Jersey.